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I returned from a month abroad this Saturday evening. I was very impressed with the standard of decoration now starting in my block. It is testament to what you have achieved. That you are projecting reductions in the budget after this transitional year is great news. I hope it has triggered similar reflection from other residents who have had a lot to complain about and now need to consider how good it feels to be able to take service for granted!

Richard Catherall (Director of Residential Management Company)


Dear Mr Ottley, I am a resident of this building and have been for seven years. I would like to thank you and your staff for the overwhelming difference seen since Home From Home have taken over as property managers. To have the entry system fixed is amazing after being out of action ever since I have lived here. One of your workers (Stewart) has done a really good job painting and gardening. He is also a very cheerful man who has time for everyone in the building. Once more thank you very much.

James Hanley (Owner)


Congratulations this year and thank you to the whole team of friendly efficient people. Home From Home is steadily turning our houses back into a home. There is happiness in this process and that's a very rare USP.

IPAXIS Management Company


Dear Mr Ottley,
Have just returned from holiday and am in receipt of your correspondence dated 31st December 2013 detailing the end of year report and your achievements since becoming responsible for the smooth running of Orwell Gate. I would like take this opportunity to congratulate you and your Company on a very successful year, at last a Company who has 'turned' around what has been years of mismanagement which caused considerable anxiety for the owners of the properties.

Diane C. (Owner)


Dear Edward,
You mention in the letter you sent along with details of service and other charges, that you welcome feedback – especially positive feedback. I’m more than happy to say what an excellent service you're providing. The report you’ve sent out is comprehensive and detailed and it’s great to see a proper breakdown of the budget and expenditure. Such transparency is often lacking among property management companies, in my experience. It’s also excellent that you’ve managed to cut charges and then hold them steady since taking over, while also vastly improving the service. You are also always extremely helpful when contacted over often trivial matters; it’s much appreciated.

Many thanks to you and your team for doing such a fine job.

Robin B. (Owner)


To all staff members of Home from Home,

I just wanted to thank all of you for your excellent management of the above properties.  It is such a relief to have them properly managed at last by a company that you feel is actually working on your behalf and that is not just reactive to problems that arise through neglect, but that actively plans and puts into place maintenance schemes that keep the property looking its best.  I have been particularly impressed by your ideas for the gardens and communal grounds and careful management of the budget, which resulted in a 30% decrease in the insurance premium arranged by the previous management company.

Many thanks to you and your team for doing such a fine job.

Marianne W. (Owner)


Dear Mr Boots,
Thank you for the introductory letter, request for payment and budget summary. I would just like to say what a difference your company has made to our block already. It always smells nice in the block when I come home from work and the groundsmen work very hard in tidying up and cleaning everywhere.

Sharon B. (Owner)


Ian, Thanks to you and the team for the prompt professional service... much appreciated.

Michael H. (Owner)

Hi Ian,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me earlier it's very much appreciated.

I would just like to reiterate what a fantastic job you and you team are doing on the… Development. I understand the budget has been under considerable pressure since the handover from…, but the progress made on the site is amazing. As I don’t currently live at my apartment it’s fantastic to see the photo updates and to be kept informed of the work you are carrying out.

Karen E. (Owner)