Communal Notice Board

We have installed a communal notice board that is kept up to date, displaying important contact information, cleaning sheets, health and safety requirements, as well as regular updates about planned projects so the residents are fully informed. A huge improvement on what was provided by the previous management company.


The internal intercoms, which were not working previously, have now been replaced and are functioning successfully.

Height Restriction Barriers

We had height restriction barriers made for the low arch that leads to the car park as there were previous occurrences of vehicles hitting the roof of the arch and causing worry for the residents in the apartment above. This barrier now takes the impact if there are any incidents.

Bike Store

When we took over as managing agents, the bike store was out of action. So we remade a new bike store for our residents, including a secure gate with a lock and a nice aesthetic for the residents to enjoy.


When we first started managing the block, we noticed that fly tipping was a regular occurrence. So to solve this issue we have installed CCTV cameras outside the block, curbing fly tipping and saving the site hundreds of pounds that can now be used for other important improvements.


We have transformed the gardens through bespoke landscaping, so the residents can enjoy a tidy and pleasant exterior to their building throughout the seasons. We also installed new hand rails for safe access to the block.